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How to write Hard science fiction with poetic beauty

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Learn to write Hard SF based on the work of Arthur C Clarke

Learn how to generate ideas

Core creative strategies

Writing with symbolism

The tools of metaphor

An advanced level workshop in writing Hard SF with the tools of metaphor and symbolism.

Taught by Damien Walter, host of the Science Fiction podcast and writers for the Guardian, BBC, Wired.


Hard SF begins in the realm of pure logic, extrapolating scientific ideas into credible near futures. But the greatest Hard SF by writers like Arthur C Clarke, Ursula Le Guin and William Gibson weaves stories of poetic beauty.

What makes a great Hard SF story?

The factor that raises a classic SF novel like The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C Clarke up to greatness isn’t the tech, the concepts or even the science.

It’s the poetry.

A condensed workshop in the poetic tools of metaphor, symbolism, allegory and more for writers of Hard SF.

Follow the full course in Advanced Scifi & Fantasy

Advanced techniques for writers of Science Fiction & Fantasy, used by today’s most successful storytellers and myth makers.

Learn the techniques of today’s top scifi & fantasy storytellers

Eternal Questions – tell stories that ask – and answer – the deep questions of human life and experience.

The Novum – the secret storytelling tool of Stanley Kubrick and other great scifi myth makers.

Cognitive Science – dig into the cogsci of scifi, how our brain and psychology are shaped by mythic stories.

Beyond The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell’s essential guide to mythic storytelling…and how to go beyond it.

Archetypes – work with the archetypal human personality types – shadow, anima, trickster – discovered by Carl Jung.

Metanarratives – how to tell stories that cross between multiple movies, books, games and comics, and form the multi-billion dollar MARVEL franchise.

Ergodic Storytelling – use fascinating and cryptic secondary material – maps, invented texts and illustrations – to help immerse the audience in your world.


Damien Walter writes on technology, culture and science fiction for The Guardian, BBC, Independent, Wired, Buzzfeed, SFX and Aeon. He teaches The Rhetoric of Story & Writing the 21st Century Myth to over 35,000 students worldwide.

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