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Learn Google Drive From Scratch

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Learn Google Drive From Scratch

Become Google Drive Expert : Practical Guide to Google drive and all its Integrated Apps, Master Google Drive today !

What you’ll learn

  • Setup Gmail Account

  • Download Google Drive

  • Install & Setup Google Drive App on Computer

  • Learn Google Drive Web App Menu

  • My Drive

  • Computers

  • Shared with Me

  • Recent

  • Starred

  • Trash

  • Stoarge

  • Learn Google Drive Web App New Menu

  • New Folder

  • New File Upload

  • New Folder Upload

  • Google Docs

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Slides

  • Google Forms

  • Google Drawings

  • Google My Map

  • Google Sites

  • Google Jamboard

  • Google Apps Scripts

  • Connect More Apps

  • Learn Other Apps Menu

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Keep

  • Google Tasks

  • Work with Google Drive App and Googe Drive Web App


  • No prior experience required.

  • Google Account if you have one or will create one while learning during the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners wanting to Learn and Master Google Drive
  • Experienced Users looking for a refresher course on Google Drive

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