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eCommerce Marketing Course (2021 Edition)

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eCommerce Marketing Course (2021 Edition)

MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 2.8 course focussed on eCommerce Marketing

What you’ll learn

  • Know how to make use of an incredible portal to help you become an affiliate marketer for popular online retailers across the globe.

  • Learn to work on an incredible tool to curate videos from YouTube, Vimeo or popular platforms super-fast to list them on your website.

  • Know how to add blog articles to your website, link them to relevant eCommerce products and also create recorded product videos.

  • Learn about a powerful data driven personalisation tool for eCommerce usage.

  • Learn about a tool to turn your instagram into an online store and other special tools


  • Some eCommerce or affiliate marketing tools and portals are taught in the course. Some tools may be free and some may be paid. You can leverage any tool here to suit the standard requirement that you may have.

  • Prerequisite: As this is a series-based course, first, enrol in “MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 2.7 course”, and then join Term 2.8 to avoid any kind of confusion.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to digital marketing who want to learn and explore new-age eCommerce and affiliate marketing tools and concepts.
  • YouTube creators who wish to curate popular videos on their site in order to skyrocket their affiliate or eCommerce business
  • Anyone who is interested to learn about new technologies and concepts in the field of eCommerce and affiliate marketing
  • Anyone who wishes to know about an incredible portal to help them become an affiliate marketer for popular online retailers across the globe, very easily.

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