[100% Off UDEMY Coupon] – Complete MBA course: Marketing and Business Strategy

Complete MBA course: Marketing and Business Strategy

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Complete MBA course: Marketing and Business Strategy

Best Selling Course designed by an MBA graduate from the syllabus of top Universities in the world.

What you’ll learn

  • best certification courses before mba

  • Basic Marketing basics like SWOT,4Ps & 7Ps and STP.

  • Advance marketing concepts like BCG matrix ,Brand Mantra, BAV Model, Product Life cycle, Brand and line extension.

  • Various marketing channels used by companies

  • How to do sales and marketing of your product

  • Business strategy used by startups.

  • Amazon 3 key service business strategy to dominate the retail market.

  • Unit economics matrix like Customer acquisition cot and customer life time value.

  • Pricing strategy like Price Penetration, Price Bundling, and Price Skimming

  • Problem with Aggregators, Platform business and Network effect

  • Competitive attack like Flank, Position defence, preemptive, Counteroffensive attack etc

  • How product recommendation engine of Netflix and amazon works

  • Horizontal and vertical strategy used by Samsung

  • Strategy used by market leader, market follower and Challenger

  • best certification courses for mba marketing


  • A fresh mindset and curiosity of learning is more than enough

Who this course is for:

  • Business graduate from college.
  • Budding Entrepreneur and startup founders
  • Engineer curious to learn some MBA concepts

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