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System Call in Linux

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System Call in Linux

Learn in a Simple way

What you’ll learn

  • Are you preparing for the next Linux interview?

  • Are you preparing for the Next Embedded Interview?

  • If, Yes. This course is a must need. This course covers the basics of System Call understanding to the expert level. Each chapter has lots of programming Practice, tricks, and Interview question discussion for your reference. The Course is based on a practical approach. The course is aimed to teach System Call for beginners, intermediates and even advanced system admins who wish to develop their skills in Linux.

  • Preparing for Interview in Embedded System or OS

  • If you are interested in learning the programming of Linux

  • Beginner and Intermediate in Linux environment


  • Basic of Programing

Who this course is for:

  • the concept of the system call in Linux with a practical example
  • Interview questions are discussed
  • Concepts are covered from beginner level to Expert level
  • Very detailed and In-depth Explanation

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