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Python for Data Science

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Python for Data Science

An introductory to intermediate level program in Python, and how to apply it in data science

What you’ll learn

  • Explain machine learning and its technologies

  • Discuss and apply Python fundamentals

  • Understand the NumPy package

  • Use data analysis using Pandas and data visualization

  • Implement supervised (regression and classification) & unsupervised (clustering) machine learning

  • Use various analysis and visualization tools associated with Python, such as Matplotlib, Seaborn etc.

  • Describe the behavior of data in Python models

  • Understand how to use the various Python libraries to manipulate data, like Numpy, Pandas and Scikit-Learn

  • Use Python libraries and work on data manipulation, data preparation and data explorations


  • Basic Python knowledge is assumed

  • Some software development experience (including languages, databases…)

Who this course is for:

  • New Python developers looking to quickly develop and keen understanding of the power of Python
  • Early stage users of Python who need to use Python in serious, enterprise level applications
  • Individuals who are familiar with data science and need to understand the optimal uses for Python

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