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Mulesoft MCIA – Level – 1 Exam (Actual Questions)

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Practice on actual questions with detailed explanations – 2021


MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect should be able to drive and be responsible for an organization’s Anypoint Platform implementation and the technical quality, governance (ensuring compliance), and operationalization of the integration solutions. The MCIA – Level 1 exam validates that an architect has the required knowledge and skills to work with technical and non-technical stakeholders to translate functional and non-functional requirements into integration interfaces and implementations. Certified candidates should be able to:

  • Create the high-level design of integration solutions and guide implementation teams on the choice of Mule components and patterns to use in the detailed design and implementation.
  • Select the deployment approach and configuration of Anypoint Platform with any of the available deployment options (MuleSoft-hosted or customer-hosted control plane and runtime plane).
  • Design Mule applications for any of the available deployment options of the Anypoint Platform runtime plane.
  • Apply standard development methods covering the full development lifecycle (project preparation, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and support) to ensure solution quality.
  • Advise technical teams on performance, scalability, reliability, monitoring and other operational concerns of integration solutions on Anypoint Platform.
  • Design reusable assets, components, standards, frameworks, and processes to support and facilitate API and integration projects.

Test your knowledge of :

  1. Configuring and provisioning Anypoint Platform
  2. Selecting integration styles
  3. Designing and documenting enterprise integration architecture
  4. Architecting resilient and performant integration solutions
  5. Handling events and messages
  6. Designing applications with Anypoint Connectors
  7. Designing networks for Anypoint Connectors
  8. Handling integration implementation lifecycles
  9. Implementing DevOps
  10. Operating and monitoring integration solutions

Your Journey To Pass The MCIA – Level 1

Perhaps this is your first step toward the certification, or perhaps you are coming back for another round. We hope that you feel this exam challenges you, teaches you, and prepares you to pass the MCIA – Level 1. If this is your first study guide, take a moment to relax. This could be the first step to a new high-paying job and an AMAZING career.

What Should You Know Before Studying The MCIA – Level 1?

Every exam and certification has different requirements. If this is a serious venture, make sure to read the prerequisites before preceding. Nothing is worse than wasting months studying for an exam you can’t take or passing an exam that won’t help you get a certification!

What Is The MCIA – Level 1 Focused On?

The MCIA – Level 1 or as it’s also known, the MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect – Level 1, like all tests, there is a bit of freedom on Mulesoft’s part to exam an array of subjects. That means knowing the majority of MCIA – Level 1 content is required because they test randomly on the many subjects available. Be aware too that experience requirements often exist because they’ve observed the average person and what is required. You can always push past that to succeed with the MCIA – Level 1 but it may take some extra work.

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for MCIA exam