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Tensorflow with Python

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Tensorflow with Python

Learn practical use of TensorFlow and get skills on Data Analysis, TensorFlow, Deep Learning Application

What you’ll learn

  • Learn installation of TensorFlow, Introduction of TensorFlow, different data types in TensorFlow, PyCharm IDE environment setup, etc

  • The set of skills that can be acquired upon completion of this TensorFlow training are Data Analysis, TensorFlow, Deep Learning Application

  • There are few skills also which could be obtained in completing this course are such as TensorFlow Model, Neural Networks, PyCharm IDE, TensorFlow Eager API, Linear regression, Logistic regression, and TensorFlow, etc


  • The TensorFlow training does not contain any prerequisites and can be preferred by any learner to master the basic concepts or knowledge on Machine Learning, Deep learning, data analytics tools, data processing techniques using PyCharm IDE, etc. All the learners who are interested to learn the TensorFlow concepts such as installation and setup of deep learning model using TensorFlow library and python programming etc. Data Analysis and Data Visualization techniques can also be carried out using different tools using the TensorFlow library which is explained in this course.

  • Any previous knowledge or hands-on in the areas of Data Analytics or Big Data Development or Hadoop Development or data analytics tools is an added advantage in further learning the contents of the TensorFlow training.

Who this course is for:

  • The learners who are holding any Bachelor’s engineering in Computer Science or any technical areas can choose this TensorFlow training as a better option in getting expertise in Deep Learning technologies. All the learners who are keen in learning and obtaining knowledge on Deep Learning techniques or Data processing or Big data analytics or Hadoop frameworks can opt for this TensorFlow course.
  • Software Developer, Research Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Hadoop Developer, Researcher, SAS Programmer, R Programmer, Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Developer, AI Expert, Chatbots Developer, AI ML Engineer, Python Developer, Python ML Engineer, Solution Architect, Machine Learning Scientist, etc. This course can opt also to pursue better career opportunities in the area of Machine Learning or Deep learning processes.

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