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Learn to code with Python from scratch.

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Learn to code with Python from scratch.

Create Useful Projects

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Python from the ground up.

  • Learn how to setup a python development environment.

  • Learn how to create GUI applications

  • Create a functional todo app and deploy to cloud

  • Create a functional portfolio app

  • Create a basic calculator

  • Create a digital clock

  • Create a times table generator

  • Create a weight conversion tool

  • Create a number guessing game

  • Create a random number generator

  • Create a vowel stripping program

  • Create a countdown timer

  • Create a lottery number simulator

  • Interacting with Python in various ways

  • Python Operators

  • Python Data Types

  • Data type casting

  • Python String Methods and Formatting

  • Python Data Structures

  • Python Functions

  • Python DocStrings

  • Python Decorators

  • Python Control Flow Statements

  • Python Modules and Packages

  • Working with external files in Python

  • Working with dates and times

  • Handling exception errors

  • Version control system with Git and Github

  • Web scrapping with Python

  • Python and Machine Learning

  • Django

  • Using Python with PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System

  • Python Object Oriented Programming


  • Internet access and a computer required.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developers
  • Beginners to Python
  • Beginners to Data Science

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