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Easy Python for Absolute Beginners

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Easy Python for Absolute Beginners

Easily learn the Basics of Python via project from scratch for absolute beginners. From the Pro programmer & Teacher

What you’ll learn

  • Project based Python + 5 Projects , Learn basics of Python easily : 1-Age calculator, 2-Drawing very simple shapes ,3-Basic calculator, 4-Degree to Radian convertor, 5-Area of circle calculator

  • Install & start using Python and IDLE on Windows 10

  • Install & customize Pycharm

  • Comments in Python

  • Variables in Python (int, float, string, bool)

  • Type casting and conversion

  • Getting inputs from users

  • Working with Strings

  • String Methods (lower, replace, find,…)

  • String slicing & String formatting

  • Arithmetic operators & Precedence of operators

  • Assignment, Identity and Membership operators

  • Numeric functions ( pow, sum, round, …)

  • Using modules in Python

  • Math module in Python (pi, log, sqrt, sin, cos, tan ,…)

  • datetime & platform modules in Python

  • Using dir() function in Python


  • Access to a computer that runs the Windows 10 operating system.

Who this course is for:

  • Every one who wants to learn easily to get in the world of Python

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