[100% Off UDEMY Coupon] – Become a Front End Developer – JavaScript for Beginners

Become a Front End Developer – JavaScript for Beginners

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Become a Front End Developer – JavaScript for Beginners

Enable your career to become a Front End Developer by learning JavaScript

What you’ll learn

  • Fine grained steps and instructions to learn JavaScript

  • Learn statements and code execution flow

  • Learn to implement mathematical calculations using Literals and Arithmetic Operators

  • Learn to use Variables

  • Learn code reusability using Functions

  • Learn to implement decision making using Conditional Statements

  • Learn to repeat statements using Looping constructs

  • Learn to implement multiple values using Array

  • Learn object oriented programming using Object and Class

  • Learn ES6 features – Module, let, const, Arrow Function and Template String Literals

  • Learn to work with Numbers, String, Array and Dates

  • Learn to manipulate HTML and CSS using Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Learn to implement getting data from network using JSON, XMLHttpRequest and fetch

  • Learn basics of HTTP protocol and HTTP method types

  • Learn to implement a beginner level project Tic-Tac-Toe


  • No prior development experience required for learning JavaScript programming fundamentals and ES6

  • For learning Document Object Model and Network a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is required

  • Desktop PC or Laptop with minimum 4GB of RAM and 500MB hard disk space

  • On screen instructions provided for Apple Mac users

  • Visual Studio Code Editor – Installation instructions provided

Who this course is for:

  • Graduates
  • Developers looking to enhance their skills
  • Full Stack Trainers

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