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RF Basic Concepts & Components Radio Frequency- Entry Level

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RF Basic Concepts & Components Radio Frequency- Entry Level

RAHRF101 is a quick start to the basic RF topic and the prerequisite for Rahsoft RF Certificate

What you’ll learn

  • This is a very basic fundamentals of RF, The main purpose of this course is to simply without providing any formulas or engineering skills provide the basic knowledge and topics needed in the RF field. At the end of this course you would have a general idea of Radio Frequency and related topics and components used day to day on this topic. This course briefly explains the topics without getting deep into each discussion just to have the student get a general idea.

  • The student can then choose to go toward the RF Certificate provided by Rahsoft which in there we would be going deep into the topics by providing hand on design and examples from the industry. At the end of the certificate the student would have a complete knowledge of RF as well as some actual simulations such as Power Amplified Design to add to his resume. Again this would be for a person who would be taking all 15 courses which starts with this course as the first one.


  • This course itself is the prerequisite for the RF Certificate of Rahsoft

  • This course is made to be as simple as possible for students to get the basics before jumping into complicated topics in the coming RF courses.

Who this course is for:

  • Prerequisite for students planning to get Rahsoft RF Certificate which is a complete RF course package directing students from basic or zero knowledge in RF to becoming an Expert in the Radio Frequency Industry .
  • This course is set for professionals working in the Radio Frequency and Communication industry whom need to have a general idea of RF in order to understand main topics at work.
  • Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Students
  • Sales Engineers in the RF Industry
  • Project managers in the RF Industry
  • Test Engineers in the RF Industry
  • RF Technicians

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