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Introduction to Astrophysics

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Introduction to Astrophysics

Learn physics of astronomy and cosmology and become pro in astro physics

What you’ll learn

  • Differential Calculus for astronomy

  • Integral Calculus for astronomy

  • Line element for spherical coordinates

  • What is contraction?

  • What is Geodesic Line?

  • Principle of Cosmology

  • Redshift in Cosmology

  • Hubble’s Law

  • Einstein’s Universe Model

  • de Sitter comparison with Einstein’s model of universe

  • Difference between astronomy and cosmology

  • Newtonian cosmology

  • Mathematical formulation of astronomy and cosmology

  • And much more about astronomy and cosmology


  • Basics of algebra and trigonometry but it is not quite necessary

Who this course is for:

  • Students of astrophysics

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