[100% Off UDEMY Coupon] – Electronics : Diode (Part 1) – A Solid State Approach

Electronics : Diode (Part 1) – A Solid State Approach

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Electronics : Diode (Part 1) – A Solid State Approach

Diode as a Solid State Device-know what is happening inside the diode-Very useful for 2nd year Electronics Engg students

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of P-N Junction Semiconductor diode by adopting a Solid State approach,Know what happens inside the diode under different conditions.

  • Analysis of Diode under Forward Bias,its Energy Band Diagram,Carrier Concentration variation w.r.t distance,Electric Field picture

  • Mathematical expressions for Electric potential, Depletion Layer under Equilibrium.

  • Discussion on Quasi-Fermi level and Energy Band Diagram plot.

  • Carrier concentration as a Function of distance under applied forward bias.

  • Current Density as a function of distance under applied forward bias.

  • A common misunderstanding-Cut in voltage VS Built in voltage.

  • V-I Characteristics of Diode under different bias conditions.

  • Understand Diode function Generator & Diode Transfer-function Generator.

  • Diode properties under reverse biased condition.

  • Discussion on Breakdown phenomena-Avalanche Breakdown & Zener Breakdown.


  • Basic knowledge of science,High school mathematics

  • Fundamental ideas of current, voltage and electric field

  • Knowledge of Semiconductor Physics,Complete idea regarding Drift current,Diffusion current,Diffusion approximation and Injection level in Semiconductor

  • Knowledge of Semiconductor Continuity Equation,Fermi Level

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for those who love electronics and love to explore the world of electronics

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